Custom Mauser
Vintage Bolt Action Rifle    $125

Barrel, Trigger, Stock, Scope, Bipod w/adapter and other small parts     $513

Having 2 Buddies that are Gunsmiths that you can have work on your stuff.

Below are early pictures of the Mauser rifle that a couple of good friends of mine who are gunsmiths and myself put together.

It started life as a VZ-24 8mm Mauser rifle.

The parts that were used to build it were:

    * 1919A4 browning Machine gun 30 caliber barrel rechambered in 7.62x51 (.308 winchester)
    * After market  Bold trigger made by Boyd's
    * 99% drop-in fit Tactical laminated thumbhole stock from Richards Microfit Gunstocks, Inc.
    * Bent bolt handle off E-bay
    * Bolt shroud without safety lever
    * Limbsaver Recoil pad
    * Leupold Rings and Bases
    * Burris 3-9x40 Fullfield II scope
    * Shooters ridge Rock mount bi-pod,
    * Harris adapter to put the bipod on,

It took 20+ hours of sanding and mill work to get the stock to the fit and finish that it has. The finish on the metal including the scope rings and bases is parkerizing that turned out beautiful. It tips the scale at 16 Lbs. 7ozs.
I was told I had to shoot a 5 shot group to see how the rifle really shoots.

So I went and shot a 7 round group!

Was having a few issues with the bi-pod so I am going to try a better rest next time.
I was also doing a little ammo testing and trying to make some sub-sonic loads for the 7.62x51

Data and some other info can be found here
Went out and did a 9-shot group, I still need to borrow a better rest, picture below