Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. Below are pages to some of my hobbies and passions. I am the pseudo webmaster for 3 no 4 Well now maybe 5 or 6 other web sites besides this one. One is for the Trap club I belong to, two other sites are for local NFA clubs and one for my buddies car page which we need to redo one of these days soon. I do it all for the joy of it, because I don't get paid. Have a look around at some of the stuff I have put together, you might find something interesting or even informative. If you have any questions or comments e-mail me and I might or might not respond.

Check out the newest site I coached a friend on how to put together. He is making and selling collectible transferable Sterling L2A3 Sub machineguns. Check them out!

Also Take a look at another Page I help put together for a couple of friends who run Custom Shooting Technologies . They are in the process of designing a custom high grade target rifle action.

Yes you can own one yourself, if you got the cash and follow the laws. Read my NFA Tutorial page if you want to know how to own Title II weapons.

Just Updated my Misc Gun Pictures page with a couple new things so check it out.
Another NFA Stamp got added to my collection In the form of a short barreled rifle.
Hungarian AMD-65 Kit, might turn it into a AKM Pistol
AK-47 Bulgarian Milled receiver built with the Hungarian AK-55 (I think) Parts Kit
And of course an original YUGO RPK in 7.62x39 With the RARE Russian Aluminum Magazine
There were only 540 total pre and post ban 7.62x39 RPK's imported.
This one is mine.